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FREE Sample Request Form License # Required
Revans PRO - Sample Request Form 50ml Bottle of Revans-Pro (Professional Stylist only) Tax ID or License # Required $9.99 for S&H (Limit one) $46.00 Retail value
I have submitted my Stylist License # and/or Tax ID # to verify Business and free sample eligibility

(As an additive to Coloring – Shampoo-Conditioner-Styling Foam-Styling Hair Spray)

“Each step builds a layer of protection and an invisible netting inside and outside the hair follicle”  Roy Evans


SHAMPOO:   The first line of defense in our system


Shampoos:  Fine /Medium/Coarse

  • Specifically built to be weightless 
  • Leave the hair smooth and detangled
  • Helps repair sun and chemical damage
  • Reduces stress on delicate hair
  • Cleanses gently
  • Needed nutrients and proteins
  • Super low sulfate
  • Controls frizz without oil
  • Stops color fading by as much as 80%
  • Made to last a long time (value for your mommy)
  • NANOMEG-Patented barrier protection (on the inside and outside of the hair)


CONDITIONER:  The second line of defense

Conditioners:  Fine/Medium/Coarse

  • Rebuilds damaged hair from chemicals 
  • Repairs sun damage 
  • Helps stop hair from breakage 
  • Anti-aging formula
  • Controls frizz without oil
  • Super-detangle for styling
  • Closes cuticle for less fading
  • Smooth without weight 
  • Leaves hair with the ability to be full
  • Made to last a long time(Value for your money)
  • NANOMEG-Patented barrier protection (inside and out)


Styling Foam:  The third line of defense

Styling Foam:  Fine/Medium/Course

  • Built with multiple layers of styling properties
  • Superior shine without oil
  • Superior hold without stiffness
  • Easy styling…brush slides right through
  • Doesn’t flake on the scalp
  • Dry equally well straight or curly
  • Can go back the second day and change it from straight to curly or curly to straight
  • Controls frizz completely
  • Makes thin hair look much thicker
  • Makes thick hair smooth and silky
  • Lasts multiple days/ Can re-apply a little bit and restyle without shampooing 
  • Made to last a long time (value for your money)
  • NANOMEG-Patented barrier protection (inside and out)

Styling Hair Spray:  The fourth line of defense

Styling Hair Spray:  Fine/Medium/Coarse 


  • Superior Shine (looks like you put a buffer to it)
  • Hold-Hold-Hold without stiffness
  • Doesn’t get sticky
  • Doesn’t get tacky
  • Doesn’t get flaky
  • Can use every day
  • For people who have never use spray before (they will love it)
  • For people who use spray; they have never seen anything like this
  • Superfine mist doesn’t hit the hair hard
  • Made to last a long time (value for your money)
  • NANOMEG-Patented barrier protection (inside and out)