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Revans - PRO   Why Revans is Different

This product was built as a complete closed system.  The only one of its kind that currently exist.  It took five years, 6000 heads and 800 formula changes.  The main difference the way this system was built; the base in this system is built on how the hair is structured and not it’s situational circumstances.  Everyone else creates products based on what has been done to the hair. 

(Is it dry, brittle and brassy?  That is usually what someone did to it with chemicals.  Over processed: chemicals.  Most of the conditions people talk about are what I call situational;  it was created by something being done to it by humans: chemicals and heat.)

Our system was built for the way hair is constructed and how it grows out of the head.  First basis of all systems products is constructed for the way the hair is physically built.  Each base is broken down into three categories those three categories are broken down into three subcategories of Fine, Medium and Coarse.

Fine:  The cuticle is laid flat ,tight and strong usually this hair is the smallest of the three. This hair may be straight wavy curly or kinky but has distinct characteristics growth from the head usually has around circumference.

Medium:  The Cuticle is no longer flat slightly raised which lends itself to damaging more easily; a slightly more oval circumference.  This hair may also be straight, wavy, curly or kinky.

Course: This is the largest of the three.  The cuticle curves away from the body of the shaft which may naturally create more dryness, frizziness and dullness.  This structure lends itself to natural frizziness.  Again, this hair may be straight, wavy, curly or frizzy.

All of these conditions show up more as we age.

Revans Hair Care System Benefits

  • Our product provides protective layer inside and outside the hair follicle…a protective “netting”
  • The most shine ever (without oil )(Oil makes hair dirty)
  • Revitalizing repair under our patented system
  • Stops brassiness
  • Stops dryness
  • Helps stop breakage
  • Revitalize dry scalp
  • Hold without stiffness
  • Keeps hair soft and youthful
  • Anti-aging formula
  • Helps prevent hair loss
  • Hair is made thicker
  • Only protection from heat with a patented system in the world
  • Hair is easier to style no matter if it is curly or straight